Sunday, June 13, 2010

The art of giving!!

Neither Sudama nor Arjuna were explicit about what they wanted. But
Krishna sensed what they needed. This sensitivity is something leaders
must possess.

Krishna knew what to give to whom – wealth to Sudama and wisdom to Arjuna. Imagine what would have happened if he sang the Bhagavad Gita to Sudama! Or gave wealth to Arjuna! When people enter a leader’s room, they come expecting to receive something. And leaders have to be sensitive enough to figure out what exactly they are seeking and respond accordingly. It is not always what they are asking!
Implied Needs | Devdutt

In the din of action points, deadlines and checklists 'sensitivity' never finds a place. In life and work, everyone is bound to fall short of some resource both material or intellectual.
Mostly, people do not explicitly state ones needs to the person who can offer help, worst still, sometimes one might not realize the need for help.

As friends, colleagues or leaders it becomes important to judge our work by how many times we sense the need of people around us, what they seek from us and then actually manage to give that without someone asking for it...

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Musafir said...

The same with markets as well. They never state their needs, it is for the leader to sense them and deliver. Will psychics make good leaders then??? Hahaha!
On a serious note, your point is well taken and is the difference between just a CXO and a leader.

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