Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Urban Infrastructure in India - All Planning No Expertise!

Most of the leadership at state as well as center level in India has its mass base (or roots) in rural India (Bharat and all). Their political thought, aspirations are woven around the rural fabric. In fact a pro-urban stand for many of these would be suicidal. So who is taking the cause for urban India? corporates and NGOs?

Again, the rest of the leadership from urban areas has little or no authority in assembly or even center. Besides they have a limited understanding of the scale and depth of urban issues leave apart expertise to solve the problems.

The muncipal councils operate at a tactical level and are seldom seen taking any pragmatic decisions. Unlike panchayati raj, the urban civic system allows little or no public participation....result an alienated and ignorant urban civilian.

Add to this an unprecedented growth, migration and the urban infrastructure will collapse in absence of a rapid upgrade that match the demand. But given the lack of leadership, expertise and a platform to drive the up-gradation of urban infrastructure, the disaster seems unaviodable....

Time for some serious leadership and representation for urban India?...

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